Cigna Corp – Another Quality Easy Trade

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I initially thought of doing sharing trade idea for the night only, then watch and rest but I couldn’t help again. Was told Netflix up. No choice, seeing profit take a portion first. The remaining positions, Netflix and Slack, will be continued as it is – ride and resume the trend or enter a pullback again if it comes.

Knowing 3 healthcare stocks, their move were the same last night. Cigna Corp was another easy and quality trade I picked. I traded Cigna Corp twice. Complete the first trade was telling myself enough is enough. 5 minutes later after closing a portion of my Netflix position, I saw the temptation of Cigna Corp again. I did second time to ride the trend before I go in bed then.

Profit from Cigna Corp. Within 2 minutes. Traded a mini size.
Profit from Cigna Corp again. Within 50 minutes. Traded a mini size.

Congrats to traders took the trade. Knowing is one thing. Action is another matter. The important thing that it is consistent and not greedy. There are always many opportunities in the stock market. I can’t wait for next week to come.

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