Cheers For Lunar-Cov19 Phase 1 Trial Begins in Singapore | Mini Services 2020

The Lunar-Cov19 vaccine involves a newer type of biotechnology. Biogen Inc ($BIIB) is a biotechnology company. Morgan Stanley predicts 30% rally and the FDA accepted the application for the drug. Mini Traders cheers for having the opportunity to trade a stock like this to made thousands after another thousand.

Happy National Day

Cheers For Lunar-Cov19 Trials Begins

Biogen Trade Guidance

Yawnzzz! The guidance and stock pick are nothing short of a brilliant profitable trade. Boom Boom Boom!!! Everyone HUGE WIN. This trade idea was presented last Sunday in the Mini-Trading Tips and Mini-Community forum. No brainer trade!

NO Challenge for Mini Traders with equipped powerful trading skills, it’s our typical Mini Secret 101 to nail this trade when we see the news from CNBC.

It’s so EASY. It’s a matter whether we want to short or long Biogen ($BIIB) position. It’s a matter I want to trade 3rd time of having the last round of profit before closing a wonderful week.

I completed my first round profit in the SHORT position of Biogen ($BIIB) that started on July 27th, and then present my expert trade idea in the LONG position to EVERYONE when the gap filled.

As I present the idea to EVERYONE, I prepared my PrepWork. SIMPLY buying opportunity below 275. Ding-Ding the alert pop-up from the charting tool. Close one eye. BUY!

Biogen ($BIIB) gap up big time yesterday (August 7th) because of a piece of good news from the FDA. So I closed my LONG position at open to finish my second round of profit. I let go 3rd round. Simply enough.

BIIB Alert

With those trading skills that I presented in my Mini-Sharing session, it’s shamed many of you are not taught how to play like Mini Traders. The stock ideas we play called out to PERFECTION.

Quote - No Competition

Simplistic PrepWork

I prepared you, but are you physically and emotionally prepared?
When it pulled the number, the opportunity is there to buy. I go long the stock at any dollar amount. You don’t need a book. You don’t need a Live video. You don’t need lines and any technical analysis. You DON’T NEED any of that. Enough! Throw that out.
My PrepWork is very simplistic understanding and interpreting how to read. This is why make my PrepWork is so… VALUABLE.

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