Amazing Prep-Works with 100% Accuracy
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Amazing Prep Works with 100% Accuracy

No words for how fantastic prep works of the trade ideas presented in the Mini Community group for the month in March and April 2020

US Stocks – Scalp and Swing Trade

I can’t help but trade the stock market last night, even I am on a short trip. Congrats to those interested to trade Tesla and

Tesla Motors – Super Mini Loss

Loss from Tesla Inc. Within 1 day. Traded 40 units. Capital deployed $3,200 Based on chart, Tesla looks bullish. Mini Watcher noted something amiss, so

Tesla Inc – Super Mini

Profit from Tesla Inc (NASDAQ). Within 20 minutes. Traded 40 units. We tested Tesla’s car performance on NASDAQ store. We must say they performed within

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Expert Trade Idea $BIIB

Expert Trade Ideas – $BIIB

Bioge Inc (BIIB). Opportunities presented by Stock Trading Interest. I explain the reasoning behind my expert trade ideas. Become a Mini Trader today to discover profitable trades