Candlestick Trading Strategy Failed You | Expert Trading Ideas 2020 : RLMD

With our trading secrets, you can meet your profit goal. I ensure that you are ready to start trading before the opening bell with the help of the Expert Trading Ideas at Stock Trading Interest.

Everyone learn candlestick trading pattern, signal and strategy. Many times failed you.

The market sells down the last five trading days. Despite a crippled economy and weak numbers such as earnings, jobless data, to show for it, there’s still an appetite for buying stock opportunities at swing idea, and this should come as no surprise when that opportunity presented in Mini Trading Tips at Stock Trading Interest.

Dow Chart
Wall Street Candlestick Chart

Back To Reality

RLMD Chart
RLMD Candlestick Chart

Whether the Shooting Star candlestick is a bearish pattern or signal, other bearish reversal patterns like Bearish Engulfing Pattern, combine other indicator or formula like MA, ATR, stop loss. Whatever candlestick and indicator trading strategy you learn, you undoubtedly encounter losing trades. It’s a fact of trading. At the end of the day, the trading game is not for you. Never touch it again.

With the help of Stock Trading Interest, you’ll discover:

  • I do not have a stop loss.
  • I do not use candlestick.
  • I do not use any indicator.

We are at another level from many other technical analysis professional traders.

Simplistic PrepWork

I prepared you, but are you physically and emotionally prepared?
When it pulled the number, the opportunity is there to buy. I go long the stock at any dollar amount. You don’t need a book. You don’t need a Live video. You don’t need lines and any technical analysis. You DON’T NEED any of that. Enough! Throw that out.

My PrepWork is very simplistic understanding and interpreting how to read. This is why make my PrepWork is so… VALUABLE.

Another Profitable Trade from Mini Mailing List

I uploaded the RLMD idea to watch and trade in the next trading day.
Before the market movement even starts, I presented my PrepWork to everyone with the plan, direction, reason, entry and exit.

I said, BUY BUY BUY at any price below 42. The next day, this is a moment for you to make money. A moment! This is your moment to make $100, $200, $300, $500. It’s your moment all you had.

Buy below 42 and profit from 2 points in a mere day. The opportunity keeps knocking your door, go long at any dollar amount below 42, profit again 4 to 6 points. One hundred units, 1 point, $100 profit. Two hundred units, 2 points, $400 gain. How many points you gain in just 5 days? At least $200 goes into your pocket. Do you want more? Of course, you can. There are more rooms upside to go, BUT you get my PrepWork, you start first, you are the first ones to get it at lower entry price with HUGE WIN.

No Challenge

I always say this.

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