Buying and Selling Into Earnings Play


Last week was crazy stupid when I shared with the group one week ago. That was,

  • ADBE versus CIEN
  • Buying into Earnings versus Selling into Earnings.
  • Morgan Stanley versus UBS
  • 20 points versus 4 points play

Because CIEN chart in a downtrend, UBS call sell before the earnings. S T U P I D! UBS was smart to buy on weakness, but it trapped a lot of short-seller players.

Morgan Stanley call buy ADBE before the earnings when the chart was at the high side.
C R A Z Y but I love it!

ADBE Chart
CIEN Chart

Boom Boom Boom 20 points profit in ADBE. Bang Bang Bang 10 points trap for CIEN short-seller players.

Adobe Track 1
Adobe Track 2
Adobe Track 3

All we could do was laugh.

Mini Traders are crazy smart, they know the move behind the move. Because I made it very clear the list of BB able to move the stock.

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