Bonus from New Opening Account

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What a good bonus. Quickly get it by our Mini Traders. No risk for them as they are capable of trading alone with confidence rather than gamble, fear, or hopes. It is much better than signing up a new credit card.

Opening a new CFD account from CityIndex, fund $1K with 3 open trades. $88 bonus.

Opening a new CFD account from IG, fund $10K with 1 open trade. $288 bonus.

I remembered that it was a bonus of $488 received by one of our community member with a condition of 30 trades within 3 months. It was so easily to achieve the number in my community as we are pretty active in sharing information.

The market is continually presenting us with tons of opportunities. Cherry-pick your seat only. Sharing is another level of upgrade yourself when ones able to achieve in a way of having interest, passion, transparency, no selfish and no ego. Sharing is caring.

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