Boeing’s Big Rally. More Runway Ahead? | Mini Sharing 2020

Boeing continues its multi-day trend of flying sharply higher. Many airlines and cruise stocks's best week ever.
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Boeing has flown more than 50% in less than a week. In the Mini Community group, Boeing, airlines and cruise companies stock brought Mini Traders with 100% gains in swing idea. Such a Monster Trade!

I took Boeing, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Alaska Air, Southwest Airlines, Royal Caribbean Cruise and Carnival Cruise on the Long side with 100% profit returns (Swing Trade), and then I went short position of Boeing (Day Trade). Boom Boom. Profit within 15 minutes despite more runway ahead due to the market rally and some analysts gave Boeing Buy recommendation.

With Great Knowledge, Comes Great Money

The feeling is excellent when ones able to profit in a few minutes when you exactly know the move before the move. The trading skills and strategies shared in the Mini Sharing session, and you cannot find the best value anywhere. That is why I have kept the cost at the lowest level possible, and at the same time, I make my own money from the stock market.

How many points did you gain in just 5 days and 30 minutes? At least $200 USD goes into your pocket. Do you want more? Of course, you can. There are tons of opportunities. Do you want to know how to develop a better strategy for trading at open? You can get the answers you need with a Mini Sharing Session. You will inspire that I do not utilize technical analysis and fundamental analysis to detect price trends and patterns.

A Great Tool. Never Trade Alone

No matter your level, click the charting tool banner. A new trader or an experienced trader needs it all time to know the company stock and the market are doing from time to time. I use this charting tool for Mini Traders because it is an excellent tool to present my trade ideas for them.

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