Follow Up Earnings Trading Strategy

BYND Chart

Follow up the trading strategy I shared to you last Sunday (28 July 2019). Isn’t it easy? No effort trade but more patience. For me, I do not have patience. Congrats to trader took the trade. More downside to come.

One and Only One. Happy July

Intra-Celluar Therapies was a swing trade when I shared to the group last 4 days ago. I entered 5 times with a decent average. And, took profit one after another within 4 days. Now, I left one, and only one position continues to swing further because of the silly reason behind the trade. Check it out with my community group for the reason why I said silly.

Sleep Number Corp was my second round to trade in Sell direction but cut loss because I simply did not like the stock went up the next day.

Profit from Intra-Celluar Therapies. Within 4 days. Traded 600 units.
Loss from Sleep Number Corp. Within 2 days. Traded 200 units.

I checked back my transaction records for July. I already traded more than 30 different stocks, including Indices, US stocks, and SG stocks. Among these stocks, I shared more than 15 different types of stocks with my community. It’s very active sharing in the group, which I enjoy much. Congrats to trader took the trade in July. Sharing is caring.

Come August. More opportunities and lots of fun.

Indices Took Small Loss Before Breakout

Singapore Merlion
Chart Direction
Wall Street DAX Chart After

Knowing a breakout very soon, but I traded in the wrong direction. What a waste! I took a small loss since the move is not what I want. I am very seldom trading a position having a cut loss level except it is a swing position. I shared a cut loss level was because I had seen a mixture between Nasdaq and Wall Street/DAX.

One end, I don’t want to miss this opportunity for a good closing month. Another end, I shared a tight cut loss level to look for the entry at the specific time, exit the position if hit the line and under. Despite I know the movement comes at what time, and at what time begins to watch for entry. Everything was good until expect unexpected.

Month-end now, I already started to slow down my trade activities. I always remind myself, no over-trade, no revenge. Soon, everyone P&L reset for a good month to come. By then, I present full of opportunities until I say myself, stop it, go away and take a break.

Wilmar Slow Intel Confidence with Profit

Singapore Morning
Wilmar Chart

No effort trade for Wilmar. Need more patience, though. I thought 1-day job I could take a profit last Friday but was only small unrealized gain. I am fed up to leave my opening positions over the weekend. Until one of the mini trader alert me that he took the profit already. I then see see look look and take take my profit too. Free up my fund to trade other stocks much better, Although I know the next move. Simply no greedy. Seeing profit take. Singapore market is too slow for me. However, I still occasionally share good trade with my community for reference and due diligence.

Intel Corp, I am for sure a buyer when it comes below the price I want. Simply add on weakness when pullback. What price am I looking for? You free, do check it out in my community group. Anyway, US stock is still my fave to trade, though. Again, seeing profit take even if it goes higher. No greedy.

Profit from Wilmar. Within 2 days. Traded 5000 units
Profit from Intel Corp. Within 1 day. Traded 1200 units

I still have two more opening positions to get out before exercising any new trade. How confidence and skillful we are, over-trade will kill us. I am looking forward to the next trade soon.

Singapore Market and Earnings Trading Strategy

Singapore Garden

You read TheEdge, “The Market loses steam.” Should it come as any surprise? No. Why? Check it out yourself in my community.

Buying / Holding into Earnings is nothing more than buying, holding, selling, taking profit, avoid entering the trap and prevent greed. The condition is that you know the earnings release date. You plan and create your trading strategies.

The upwards move towards the earnings release date is Buying into Earnings — the higher price to factor in this movement.
Not moving up towards the earnings release date is Holding into Earnings —
Holding appears after Buying into Earnings. Be alert.
Holding seen about Buying into Earnings to start. Be prepared.
Closer to the earnings release date. Be cautious.
Isn’t it simple? Yes. Why? Simple yet need patience.

One good example is Netflix. Another instance before it happens. That is, Beyond Meat Inc is confirmed to release the earnings result on 29 July after market hours. How does Holding and Buying look? What is that rectangular box? What is that arrow mean? It’s simple. Figure it out yourself.

Beyond Meat Inc Chart

Netflix earnings miss recently because of some reason, the stock price gap down big time and continued to sell down a few days then recovered to the previous high. Beyond Meat Inc is different from Netflix. What if Beyond Meat earnings due to any reason, then the result tells us is miss, slightly miss, beat or beat somewhat. Whatever reason to be, the stock price gap up, it will be 20-25 points. If the stock price gap down, it will then be at least 40-50 points then smash. Will you buy or sell closer to the release date? If you are greedy, you sell? If you buy, you trap in chasing to go higher. With this in mind, you avoid the trap of chasing and avoid getting greedy.

This strategy fits many traders. Nowadays, I seldom use it. Why? I know myself well. I have no patience. The market is merely full of opportunities. I like to trade after the earnings result because I can read the report and I make the decision about how the stock reacts for the night. I am satisfied with the profit of 10 points or lower.

Enjoying Wine and Trading

CNBC Ticker
CNBC Ticker
Enjoying Wine and Trading
Sleep Number Corp Chart
Intel Corp Chart

It was a Friday night. Get the Indices market bought me a bottle of wine from the supermarket. Go home, watch TV, enjoy wine while waiting for the US markets open, knowing my next stock to trade already when the bell opens.

Profit from Wall Street. Within 1 day. Traded 1 unit.
Profit from Sleep Number Corp. Within an hour. Traded 400 units
Profit from Intel Corp. Within 20 minutes. Traded 400 units.

This week was simply an incredible week full of opportunities. I enjoyed many stocks I traded when I work outside at a quiet place and inside at cozy home. Also, I shared my thought and movement in my community about the stock pick and the game plan.

In my community, all are knowing the trades going to do before it happens. Know the move up or move down first. Know the turning point. Know it stops at where and how it reacts. All you need to do is to use my community as your trading tool for better trading outcomes. Look at your chart, use your skills, your observation, your strategy, your experience, your feeling, your guts, and your sixth sense to do a great job. Congrats to traders took the trade.

I know my strategy that is no patience. Believe in taking profit when green. Believe in cutting loss when red. It’s a simple trading action regardless of the market up or down.

You may ask, “can I still enter now?”. Well, I cannot advise. I know the same stocks I had finished one round, because of the game plan I have a second round to go. I am tending to exit first before exercising any new positions.

Since I already shared about a strategy to use for earnings trade, that is nothing more than buying into earnings and holding into earnings. Netflix was an example. However, I seldom use it because I do not have patience. Perhaps, I will share another stock tomorrow before it happens — no promise.

Earnings Deluge Versus Market Record High

Singapore Foundain

For the past 3 days, I posted Singapore indoor waterfall every day. Finally, the ship is sinking like raining. Nothing much to say. As usual, spot on. The market is all time high together with today has a deluge of Earnings result release. Where is the challenge when we know the movement. Plan the trade. Trade the plan. Just like I recently opened a new trading account. I then was able to trade Intra-Celluar because the other trading platform does not have the stock name available to trade.

Profit from Wall Street. Within 8 hours.
Profit from Coca Cola again. Within 1 day.
Profit from Intra-Celluar. Within 1 day. Took partial positions.

What’s the next move? Check it out by yourself.

Trading At A Quiet Place

I just felt like doing own trading at a quiet place last night.

Profit from Polaris Industries in Buy direction last night
Profit from Coca-Cola in Sell direction last night
Profit from Wall Street in both Buy and Sell direction today

Today, it’s nothing much to say. I feel like rest early and stop watching market because we already know the move going to be. You may ask “can I still enter Wall Street now?”. Well, I cannot advise. I know it’s more to come. You check it out by yourself.

Profit from STI Community Group

Singapore Jewel Fountain
July 22 Analyst Calls
GLPG Chart

Simply spot on, as usual. More to come.

Profit from Indices, Wall Street, before US market open
Profit from analyst calls, Micron Tech, Lam Research, KLA Corp but loss Applied Materials. Within 30 minutes
Profit from Galapagos. Within 40 minutes

They are many stocks in play last night. I simply share the same move in my community group. Traders are well informed before the market opens about the movement. Simply pick and trade will do. Separately, I opened a new trading platform to trade live with mini size, that was because many stocks I spot on cannot be found.

Was expecting Wall Street give me the breakdown at the specific time then I simply add on pullback because I know the move already. No fear. However, the market didn’t give me the chance, simply go up only from the specific time I want.

I traded “zillion” times with these kind of analyst calls. I know the movement already. Simply add on strength at open to get a good average price rather than wait and see the turning point from the peak. I simply with no patience on that. Exit altogether be it loss or profit.

Trading with a small loss is OK. Consistency is the key. Skill is your asset. Greed kill you despite how skilful you are and how well the movement you know. Simply learn live how I spot them from my community group or know the skill from my trading sharing session.

Earnings Game Plan This Week

Jewel Singapore
Earnings July 2019

What is your game plan this week by looking at these earnings release? Those big name Boeing, Tesla, Facebook, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, it is going to be a lot of fun for us because they are in play. How can’t you be excited with all these opportunities? I cannot wait.

In early July, when I started to open my group community, the first post I shared was how to trade earnings. Also, I did a mini sharing about the strategy to use for earnings trade. It is nothing more than a strategy of Buying-Into-Earnings and Holding-Into-Earnings. These are a powerful strategy for use to profit from a continued trend and stock gapping up/down. The good part of this strategy skill helps to pevent trader from getting into the trap.

In addition to that, there are other strategies that can be used for the game plan how to trade earnings. Nowadays, I seldom use this strategy to trade. Reason being that I do not have the patience, although knowing the movement before the actual move. After all, you own the skill, trade any game plan you want. Occassionally, I will share a good game plan in my community group with the traders for their reference and due diligence.

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I do not share the chart basics knowledge such as candlesticks, volume.

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Trading is not always easy. In this community group, we only share the high-probability stock that we will mostly be trading. By sharing, it does become easier.