Incredible Trade – Small Turn Big Profit

Singapore NDP 2019
IAC and MTCH Stock Picks
IAC and MTCH Chart

Today I checked the stock picks that I shared with my community. Congrats to traders took the trade and made a handsome profit on National Day eve. These stock picks were shared before they went to bed. The next day, it dropped 20 points from IAC Interactive and 10 points from Match Corp. We hardly any chance of getting a small profit because of the stock price gap down at the opening, unless you set your alarm like me to make the profit earlier on. You trade a mini size 50 units, easily get profit USD$ 1000 to USD$ 500 within a 1-day job. Impressive huh !?! We bring it down from the peak and take our own sweet time to exit from the profit. Incredible huh ?!? Yah, it’s remarkable and unbelievable.

For me, I’m numb. I can trade the turning point from peak or bottom. Apparently, I seldom do so. I recognized my trading style. I am not a home-run trader nowadays. In my trading past, yes, I hit-and-go many times, but over time, my skills got evolved, I like to build my positions and exit at one shot like Babe-Ruth means that I trade without fear, the trade follows my plan, and I trade within size. It is another level of trading skills when you know the move already. Mini Traders who attended my sharing session gradually evolve to understand their trading style too. Some good at Buying Up. Some good at Swing Trade. Some good at IPO trade. Some good at Indices Futures. Some specialize in Singapore stocks. So, my community with all these professional mini traders connecting other traders for better trading outcomes.

We take a short break first. It’s going to have fun. We are productive, so we take what the market gives us despite nothing new about the trade war, and can’t be bothered the US don’t do business with one or many companies. All these negative-minded speculations are only one objective. Is it pushing the market higher or lower?

Good Profit Before Happy National Day

Knowing a long weekend for everyone, I will take a break too. Last night, I traded Boeing and Walt Disney. Then I shared right away the other stock picks with my community before they go in bed and sleep. I opened some positions, IAC Interactive and Match Corp before I go in bed at midnight, but I set the alarm at 3 am to close positions.

Happy National Day. ENJOY AND HAVE FUN!

Amazing Easy Trade

What an overnight trade. I told my community the strategy – use sizing and the price level to look for, if pullback, no fear and smile. Before opening bell was full of red, then becomes all green. Truly easy to execute. Gap up next day and cash out. This is a beautiful trade before National Day. Looking forward to more and more fantastic trade.

Wilmar Profit Took Second Round and Bear Market Trading Strategy

Trading Wilmar second round in profit with mini size because it’s easy to interpret the Singapore bluechip market. I really test my patience for a week to get paid. But, I still continued to trade US stocks every night. US stock is fun as I can trade many rounds at the turning point within hours.

Use my community as your trading tool. Every move is spotted before it happens. Cherry-pick only when I started to share some stock picks in 1 week, hours or minutes earlier.

Skills can learn. Experience can earn. Your interest in stock trading is somewhat more looking forward.

Yesterday, the market sell-off is nothing more than presenting us full of opportunities in buying on weakness. I told my community yesterday about the first rebound and a sizing. I hinted Mini Traders for a limited downtrend when I know the first rebound come soon within hours. Then, I told the rest for this market, sizing strategy is the key. If you go in too huge or too fast. You do not have the size to build anything. You get stuck.

For instance, you want to buy a position with 400 units. You buy a hundred, fifty or eighty because it is obvious to you that we are in a market that’s pulling. You start to build positions. When the market starts to recover, and you get initial gap up or long bar up, you are done and make a profit. If you go in 400 huge, down 1 point, you shaken out already. That’s not call trading. With this market dropped more than 500 to 1000 points, most people usually hold a short position. Smart people start buying on weakness and adding on positions. The market goes green, we cash out, cash out, and cash out. In our community, we already know the market sell-off hard more than 2 days. And, I know the market yesterday is to go up and sell-off. Quick go up and sells off again. My objective is to build positions because we know the next move.

Making Profit Together From This Trade

Professional traders can see the stock’s movement before it happens by viewing the chart. True professional day traders can see the move by seeing the news. We, Mini Traders, are able to see another level by looking at the chart or/and news to know the move behind the move. We don’t do predict. There is no if or but. Only know or don’t know.

I developed my own trading skills that I do not see anyone as my competition. When I trade many stocks at one go, I don’t see the chart because I already know the move. I place the market order for the entry and exit. I have no emotion and greedy to finish the trade. Occasionally, I share my stock pick with my community for them to use it as part of their trading tool. I write my thought in the plan for their reference and due diligence. The plan includes the direction and the price area to watch out. I do not give an unrealistic number; for example, I say move towards 53/54. That is the price area of the stock movement for the day. Technical traders can use their knowledge, experience, and skills to do great jobs, like putting many trend lines, see price actions, add many sophisticated/unique reversal indicators, or do the fundamental valuation. That is the price area of turning point. No if or but.

With National Day around the corner, and lately, I did show a trading skill to my readers, Earnings Trading Strategy. I don’t use it nowadays; nevertheless, this powerful skill fit many traders for their trading plan. This week’s earnings result, I have spotted many stocks that traders can use this skill for their game plan this week. Unquestionably, this trading skill benefits for like-minded traders.

I know exceptionally well my trading style. Seldom, I make swing trade; nonetheless, a good swing trade fit many other traders, especially part-time traders. This stock move towards $45 from $16/$18. Near-term, let the stock run back to $18/$16 levels, then get your Nike shoes ready to ease into running with a joyride. Though we know the move ahead, after all, everyone is unique and different own plan towards the same goal for this trade. Most traders often ride towards 250% up-move, and some traders build the positions along the way up or down. For me, I know myself well that I like to trade up and down altogether, probably end up 500% or 250% within a month instead of two months.

I am humble and easily content. I have no ego. I do not need to impress anyone if other Mini Traders or experienced traders make better and more profit than me. I just smile and congrats to you. We can see many things better and more precise in the stock market. Very importantly, only you know your self well. I know own trading style that I like to trade different stocks, getting in, getting out, and get paid. That’s how I love the interest in stock trading. Consistent green is the key. On and off, I make some sharing with my community about the stock picks and trading skills. Sharing is caring.

Follow Up Earnings Trading Strategy

BYND Chart

Follow up the trading strategy I shared to you last Sunday (28 July 2019). Isn’t it easy? No effort trade but more patience. For me, I do not have patience. Congrats to trader took the trade. More downside to come.

One and Only One. Happy July

Intra-Celluar Therapies was a swing trade when I shared to the group last 4 days ago. I entered 5 times with a decent average. And, took profit one after another within 4 days. Now, I left one, and only one position continues to swing further because of the silly reason behind the trade. Check it out with my community group for the reason why I said silly.

Sleep Number Corp was my second round to trade in Sell direction but cut loss because I simply did not like the stock went up the next day.

Profit from Intra-Celluar Therapies. Within 4 days. Traded 600 units.
Loss from Sleep Number Corp. Within 2 days. Traded 200 units.

I checked back my transaction records for July. I already traded more than 30 different stocks, including Indices, US stocks, and SG stocks. Among these stocks, I shared more than 15 different types of stocks with my community. It’s very active sharing in the group, which I enjoy much. Congrats to trader took the trade in July. Sharing is caring.

Come August. More opportunities and lots of fun.

Indices Took Small Loss Before Breakout

Singapore Merlion
Chart Direction
Wall Street DAX Chart After

Knowing a breakout very soon, but I traded in the wrong direction. What a waste! I took a small loss since the move is not what I want. I am very seldom trading a position having a cut loss level except it is a swing position. I shared a cut loss level was because I had seen a mixture between Nasdaq and Wall Street/DAX.

One end, I don’t want to miss this opportunity for a good closing month. Another end, I shared a tight cut loss level to look for the entry at the specific time, exit the position if hit the line and under. Despite I know the movement comes at what time, and at what time begins to watch for entry. Everything was good until expect unexpected.

Month-end now, I already started to slow down my trade activities. I always remind myself, no over-trade, no revenge. Soon, everyone P&L reset for a good month to come. By then, I present full of opportunities until I say myself, stop it, go away and take a break.

Wilmar Slow Intel Confidence with Profit

Singapore Morning
Wilmar Chart

No effort trade for Wilmar. Need more patience, though. I thought 1-day job I could take a profit last Friday but was only small unrealized gain. I am fed up to leave my opening positions over the weekend. Until one of the mini trader alert me that he took the profit already. I then see see look look and take take my profit too. Free up my fund to trade other stocks much better, Although I know the next move. Simply no greedy. Seeing profit take. Singapore market is too slow for me. However, I still occasionally share good trade with my community for reference and due diligence.

Intel Corp, I am for sure a buyer when it comes below the price I want. Simply add on weakness when pullback. What price am I looking for? You free, do check it out in my community group. Anyway, US stock is still my fave to trade, though. Again, seeing profit take even if it goes higher. No greedy.

Profit from Wilmar. Within 2 days. Traded 5000 units
Profit from Intel Corp. Within 1 day. Traded 1200 units

I still have two more opening positions to get out before exercising any new trade. How confidence and skillful we are, over-trade will kill us. I am looking forward to the next trade soon.

Singapore Market and Earnings Trading Strategy

Singapore Garden

You read TheEdge, “The Market loses steam.” Should it come as any surprise? No. Why? Check it out yourself in my community.

Buying / Holding into Earnings is nothing more than buying, holding, selling, taking profit, avoid entering the trap and prevent greed. The condition is that you know the earnings release date. You plan and create your trading strategies.

The upwards move towards the earnings release date is Buying into Earnings — the higher price to factor in this movement.
Not moving up towards the earnings release date is Holding into Earnings —
Holding appears after Buying into Earnings. Be alert.
Holding seen about Buying into Earnings to start. Be prepared.
Closer to the earnings release date. Be cautious.
Isn’t it simple? Yes. Why? Simple yet need patience.

One good example is Netflix. Another instance before it happens. That is, Beyond Meat Inc is confirmed to release the earnings result on 29 July after market hours. How does Holding and Buying look? What is that rectangular box? What is that arrow mean? It’s simple. Figure it out yourself.

Beyond Meat Inc Chart

Netflix earnings miss recently because of some reason, the stock price gap down big time and continued to sell down a few days then recovered to the previous high. Beyond Meat Inc is different from Netflix. What if Beyond Meat earnings due to any reason, then the result tells us is miss, slightly miss, beat or beat somewhat. Whatever reason to be, the stock price gap up, it will be 20-25 points. If the stock price gap down, it will then be at least 40-50 points then smash. Will you buy or sell closer to the release date? If you are greedy, you sell? If you buy, you trap in chasing to go higher. With this in mind, you avoid the trap of chasing and avoid getting greedy.

This strategy fits many traders. Nowadays, I seldom use it. Why? I know myself well. I have no patience. The market is merely full of opportunities. I like to trade after the earnings result because I can read the report and I make the decision about how the stock reacts for the night. I am satisfied with the profit of 10 points or lower.

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I do not share the chart basics knowledge such as candlesticks, volume.

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Trading is not always easy. In this community group, we only share the high-probability stock that we will mostly be trading. By sharing, it does become easier.