Netflix Working Trends In The Favour?


Many professionals traders were undoubtedly get hit by the movement yesterday because of Netflix shares down over 2% following earnings. In fact, Netflix is working in their favour that many professional traders will never get to know.

After I read the report, I was not impressed with the result. And I watched the pre-market merely up 2%. I know already how the stock reacts yesterday, where it stops at, where it goes to. I posted it to everyone in my blog yesterday 4 hours before the market opens.

I added more positions on the weakness. I know clearly how the stock moves for the day. Boom Boom Boom! I wish everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai. For me, I continue to receive the red packets from the market. Every 1 minute passed, my profit ripe $400, $500 to $700 USD — profit within 1 day.

It’s not too bad for the result as in I do not intend to trade the stock, so it’s from nothing to earlier on 1 mini position, becomes the opportunity given yesterday Netflix pull back. This trend is working in my favour.

Happy Chinese New Year

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Netflix Posted Earnings Beat, but …


Netflix posted huge earnings beat, but the stock is doing nothing. Merely up 2% in the pre-market, from $338 to $345.

Before NFLX’s earnings, the Mini Trader group continued to make profit this week including Netflix. And for me, this is a second time to trade Netflix.

I was supposed to stop trading for awhile because Chinese New Year is coming, then I happened to see Netflix on CNBC with the current price below $340 when I switch on my TV last night.

I can’t help to see such opportunity, so I entered a long position at any price with mini size. Why any price? Because I know how to read news, interprets it and then play it. Trade without using the chart.

Later the market open, I just get another red packet again from the market either I manually close it or it hits the limit order that I was set.

How Netflix react tonight? I think, I guess, I predict, I anticipated, it looks like ….. the stock will go up at open, move up $352-$355, then look for nice pull back. If the stock go down at open, look for $325-$330 fresh buyer comes.

新年快乐 恭禧發財 红包拿来

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Stop Worrying About Where The Stock Market Goes From Here

IMG 3091

The market is on steroids again. I am wishing everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Last Sunday, I gave my handpicked stock list, included Indices Futures, for Mini Traders group. The traders are well informed and guided before the market opens for the entry, exit, movement and the reason behind. 鼠钱 towards CNY. We are continuing to take profit along the way from last week and this week.

I was expecting the global Futures market sell-off three days on profit-taking for a quick short position before going up again. Regional market and DAX did sell down but DOW, S&P 500 and NASDAQ too strong, and the move was too slow and refused to go down further. On another side, I bullish on the stock market, such as tickers LB, SHAK, CRWD, NVDA, SWCH and also other more which given to the Pro and Premium group last Sunday.

Small gain from a short position of DOW and NASDAQ. Good profit from DAX. All these Futures short positions were completed within hours before we rotate to trade the stock counters from my list.

I admitted that I bearish Indices but bullish stock counters sound contradicting. For Mini Traders, it could be risky to trade despite the fact that they know the overall market movement. Again however, the strategy and trade plan is manageable for us. If it does, the cut loss is very mini. The impact is nothing. The gain is consistent. Again, the cut loss is luxury if it comes.

SHAK, I presented a buying opportunity for the group. Boom Boom Boom. Long bar up, and gap up to continue trend up higher on the next day before Goldman analyst announced their buy call report at their huge price target. How did I know in play? I revealed to my Pro and Premium group.

CRWD, another call I presented a buying opportunity. We had traded this counter many times within two weeks. Zip in and zip out at the entry and exit. Our funds will never be stuck at the consolidation phase — Boom Boom Boom. My job is to find the opportunities to the Pro and Premium group, the entry before the push force kick in and the exit before turning small from significant gain. How did I know again? The chart is at the bottom. The risk level to go long position is very acceptable. Why was it going to in-play? I again revealed to my Mini Traders group.

There were many more counters we profit from the weekly stock pick list I sent. We also make a good profit from the live opportunity I shared with the groups.

NFLX on the news last week. The analyst called out the buy before the earnings that will be released this week. We long the position — Boom Boom Boom — profit within 2 to 3 hours at a full confidence level to trade many positions at one go.

PPG, the earnings result was bad. But I read the report, and it wasn’t that terrible. I told the group together with the plan. We long the stock to bring it up before it comes down — Ding Ding Ding — we long before the push kick in. We set the limit order for taking our profit. The feeling was too great and fabulous when we woke up the next day.

There are a lot of counters and skills that I simply do not get enough to share with because we all learn new things every day. The market is full of outstanding opportunities to make a profit again and again. More importantly, we know over-trade, and greedy kills us.

Nevertheless, it was another excellent week for us. All continue to make money to 过肥年

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Why 2020 a CRAZY Year for Stock Market and Mini Traders?

Gong Xi Fai Cai

As we stepped into 2020, I organised a sharing session on the first Saturday of the year. This session was to enable Mini Traders to brush up on their chart reading skills. I am delighted that new traders can pick up the skills. It’s simple to learn, easy to understand, and effortless on how to profit consistently in the stock market. To achieve, get out the comfort zone doing something different. Forget the trading skill that you know. I share with you something new, comfortable and offer a true environment for trading success.

During the session, I presented the trading skills to the Mini Traders group that could benefit and last for their lifetime. And, I introduced another skillset no one comes across where 100% gain at minimum with no effort. Also, I shared with them about the global market outlook and movement for the year 2020.

Many kinds of stuff are packed in this 3 hours session. Other than conducting a reinforcement of trading skills session, Mini Traders were given some stock idea to trade in the next trading day, such as Crowstrike Holdings Inc (CRWD). Moreover, I shared the reason behind the move before it moves. Trade the stock with a full confidence level. This session was lovely interactive. The stock idea that I shared with them, such as tickers CRWD, GS, and BLUE, and then ask them to pick one to trade among these 3 stocks. Mini Traders responded their reason why this stock and that stock to trade by themselves. Nonetheless, the stock pick I presented, all can make a fantastic profit.

Separately, I introduced another new service only to a few Mini Traders. This service was phenomenal. There were more stock picks I did share, such as Twilio Inc (TWLO). Live trade with entry and exit. And, provided the skill with an in-depth analysis.


The team make always-green from the stock markets. With the right guidance I presented, never go wrong. I have no such thing IF, OR, BUT and PREDICT the market. One of the skills I shared with, Mini Traders eye-open for the cut-loss is luxury if it comes. When you read the chart or news and understand the reason behind the move, you can’t lose.

Only the first week of the new year. 鼠钱鼠不完 ! Gong Xi Fa Cai !

Knowledge, Experience and Quality = No Effort Trade

pexels 3171815

Knowing the knowledge how to trade. Practicing is a way to gain the experience. Quality come with every success and winning trade.

I traded Fedex when the earnings result was bad. Many traders kept selling when the US markets were all time high but I trade at the long position. Simply I know how Fedex stock move. Boom boom boom. No effort.

Another profit trade I did was Yum Brands. This was the stock I shared with the group of Mini Traders. Simple chart reading skills. Boom Boom Boom. No effort. Good profit before Year 2020 come.

Buying and Selling Into Earnings Play


Last week was crazy stupid when I shared with the group one week ago. That was,

  • ADBE versus CIEN
  • Buying into Earnings versus Selling into Earnings.
  • Morgan Stanley versus UBS
  • 20 points versus 4 points play

Because CIEN chart in a downtrend, UBS call sell before the earnings. S T U P I D! UBS was smart to buy on weakness, but it trapped a lot of short-seller players.

Morgan Stanley call buy ADBE before the earnings when the chart was at the high side.
C R A Z Y but I love it!

ADBE Chart
CIEN Chart

Boom Boom Boom 20 points profit in ADBE. Bang Bang Bang 10 points trap for CIEN short-seller players.

Adobe Track 1
Adobe Track 2
Adobe Track 3

All we could do was laugh.

Mini Traders are crazy smart, they know the move behind the move. Because I made it very clear the list of BB able to move the stock.

Good Profit Before Xmas

Xmas Pretty Woman

Every Sunday, I exclusively share with the group of Mini Traders how and why I called each idea before the markets open. Share my special technique behind the set-up. Share the move behind the move.

I am glad to receive the results by them, showing me that they make another good profits before Christmas. I believe these impressive track records from the group will bring even more.

Nike Profit 1
Nike Profit 2

During the mini trading sharing session, Mini Traders are often being shared to look beyond the trade and understand the move before it happens. In addition to the mini mailing list I send about the new stock pick every week, I am sure Mini Traders able to evolve to their own trading style, be it they like to do fast scalp trade, day trade, short-term or long-term swing trade. After a few months, they get there. Then one day, I will depend on them to give me the call to follow blindly with confidence. I hope my dream come true.

Trading Animation

Mini Trading Sharing – Big Profit

MarketWatch cover

I am impressed by my mini sharing with a group of Mini Traders that allow them to trade and profit consistently. Moreover, big 100% profit with such a small size.

Mini Trader Track Record

Dow Jones was at a resistance level in early October 2019. I already know it would break above triple tops setups. I just want to find a good entry for them to make a swing trade. Finally, it came true after waiting for 2 weeks. Boom!

Wall Street Futures Chart

Autodesk was another sharing that I know this stock is trading towards up-move and strong. I share the idea where I usually do by sending the mailing list. Boom Boom!

Autodesk Chart

Every week, I share my stock trading idea about 3 to 5 stocks to my group of Mini Traders. So far, it is 100% accuracy. Boom Boom Boom!

Trade Idea

Importantly, this sharing for me is to build their confidence, and attitude to become a successful Mini Trader.

Does Technical Analysis Really Work?

Technical Analysis Trading Skill

What is Technical Analysis?

Believe it or not, Technical Analysis (TA) has been around dating back to the 1700s. There was a famous Japanese trader who used past price movements to predict future movements. This skill started in Japan using candlesticks to predict the rice market movements. This form of trading didn’t hit the West for quite some time until proven success was found doing it.

Candlestick Pattern Basics

As mentioned earlier, technical Analysis was used to predict future price movement using previous price movement. That is the same theory behind using it to this day. As I am sure, you have all heard the saying, “History repeats itself.” This quote is right to a certain point. It is a proven fact that history tends to repeat itself, but we can’t rely solely on this to make our trading decisions. TA is used to help give us an ‘edge’ on the stock we are trading.

Why use Technical Analysis?

Japanese Candlestick Pattern

There are many reasons to use TA in your everyday trading. One is, as I stated earlier, that it helps give the trader an ‘edge’ when taking a trade. But, another reason is the psychological theory behind it as well. When a group of traders is looking at the same support and resistance lines, that means those levels are going to be very strong. They are going to be very well respected because so many other people see them as well. For Example, the most notorious Moving Averages used are the 200 SMA and the 50 EMA. The reason they are so well respected is that the majority of traders use those indicators.

How to use it

Momentum Trading Skill

Technical Analysis is used for different styles of trading, such as;

  • momentum trading,
  • trading breakouts, and
  • reversals.

Traders can use TA and integrate it into any form of trading niche.

Momentum Trading

Momentum Trading is among the most popular styles of trading you’ll find today. When you trade with the momentum, you are going along with an established trend and just taking pieces along the way. Traders integrate TA with this by utilizing Moving Averages to get a sense of how strong the overall trend is. A common strategy is buying a pullback into a Moving Average as it “takes a breather” before pushing higher again.


Buying breakouts is also a familiar trading style traders have to use it for. The trader looks to buy a breakout, and he has to be aware of where the breakout level is, and when the opportune moment is to buy it. A common strategy used is flat top breakouts, 52-week breakouts, etc. These strategies usually use support and resistance lines to determine the entry and exit points.

Reversal Trading

Reversal Trading is the act of trying to find the end of a trend just before it starts heading the other direction. This form of trading has a high risk to reward ration, but it is much harder than trading with the trend. Some common strategies for reversal trading are buying the dip and shorting the top.

Risk Management

Technical Analysis is useful for determining your risk on each trade as well. When a stock breaks through a resistance point, then resistance now becomes support. A trader can utilize this because he now knows where the support level is. So, if the stock breaks back down below the support level, then it is a good indication the stock is holding up and should cut your losses.


Technical Analysis is one of the most common trading tools and often trading styles that traders use this day and age. It has proven itself to be a successful strategy time and time again.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is to find your own trading style. TA suits many traders. Does TA really work for Mini Traders? I rather say Mini Traders are capable to discover how to trade – or develop their knowledge, and build their unique trading style.

Investing Vs Trading


7 Golden Rules for Investing

You may be a rookie investor, but that doesn’t mean you need to make costly rookie mistakes. Follow these seven golden rules, and you’ll be on the path to success.

1. Play the Long Game

Never invest in the short-term. The market moves up and down in natural cycles that can’t be timed. Investing for less than three to five years doesn’t give you enough time to rebuild asset value if you hit a downturn at the wrong time.

2. Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Don’t put too much of your money in any one stock where one issue could destroy your wealth. Diversify with low-cost, index ETFs and avoid stock picking.

3. Make Investing a Monthly Habit

Despite headlines continually calling a market top or bottom, no one can accurately determine where we are in the cycle at any given time. The best way to guarantee that you buy at the right times is to make investing a monthly habit. Invest each and every month, regardless of headlines or market performance.

4. Invest Only What You Can Afford to Lose

Investing is risky. While the long-term trend has historically been upwards, there are also years of deep declines. If you need money in the near-term, or the thought of seeing your account balance drop 20% makes you sick to your stomach, don’t invest those funds.

5. Don’t Check Your Portfolio Everyday

Investing is the one place where a “head in the sand” strategy might be the smartest method. Set up auto deposits into your investment accounts each month and only look at your portfolio once every three to six months. It reduces the likelihood of panic selling when the market falls or piling in more money when everything seems like rainbows and butterflies.

6. Keep Your Fees Low

Many brokerages charge trading fees. And investment providers from financial advisors to Robo-advisors charge management fees. All these fees eat away at your wealth over time.

Sticking to index funds and ETFs keeps your fees low while guaranteeing you see the performance of the market so that you can save more money in your pocket.

7. Listen to Warren Buffet’s Investing Advice

Warren Buffett is possibly the most famous investor in history. He’s created a multi-billion-dollar net worth in just one generation. Learn from his advice to invest in your future!

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

“I never invest in anything I don’t understand.”

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

“The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.”

“It is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results.”

Trading and Investing are precisely the opposite.

1. Play the Short Game

2. Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

3. Make Trading a Daily Habit

4. Trading Only What You Cannot Afford to Lose All

5. Check Your Portfolio Everyday

6. Do Not Keep Your Fees Low

7. Do Not Listen to Warren Buffet’s Advice

Trader vs Investor

Are you an investor or a trader?