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Beast Mode ON

Beast Mode ON in 2020. WILD!

What a day! What a day! I don’ normally post charts and provide the professional guidance to Mini Traders group for the whole day. I


Dow drops nearly 900 points

The most valuable thing to remember as a Mini Trader when DOW market is pulling 700-800-900-1000 points. It’s solely just another buying opportunity with the

Mini Traders Group Party

Companies Stock Like My Valentines

Time flies. We have stepped into 2020 New Year, followed by Chinese New Year, and upcoming Valentine’s Day. The past one month has been phenomenal


Netflix Working Trends In The Favour?

Many professionals traders were undoubtedly get hit by the movement yesterday because of Netflix shares down over 2% following earnings. In fact, Netflix is working


Netflix Posted Earnings Beat, but …

Netflix posted huge earnings beat, but the stock is doing nothing. Merely up 2% in the pre-market, from $338 to $345. Before NFLX’s earnings, the

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