Market can’t Bottom. Bear Market ‘Head Fake’ Rallies

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Amazing! We see the global market crashed for a month since after I blogged the warning headline “DOW Surrendered. Get Me Out At Any Cost” on 29 February, followed by next headline ”Beast Mode ON” on 3 March. Since then, the stock market is started to tumble like no bottom. I seldom blog, however, these are the Mini efforts I could do to the public. Be the situation you get out holding Long positions to avoid the substantial LOSS or started to Short to gain a significant PROFIT. Congratulation for you in any case.

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to take shape globally, many people have a part-time or full-time job cannot work every day because of closed office, flights and store. It is tough to see it this way. For us, as a trader, you have to look at this way. We are in a unique situation. We can make money every day because it is our full-time job, part-time job with passion and drive. Day trading is such an excellent thing to do if you understand what to do, what stocks to attack, and you know how to trade. That is what I am here for setting up the community group. That is what all great Mini Traders are here for you.

Whoever is reading this post, I want you to remember one thing when you are sitting at home. You are bored. You cannot go out. You cannot do this. You cannot ride your bike, or you cannot go to the beach. I want you to remember one thing. You are alive. You are not sick. You are breathing. You smell of the air. You are not ill in bed. I do not deny. Money-wise is tough outside.

As a Mini Trader, we do not get emotional in a trade. What do I mean? I trade the market going to give me 8 million unemployment numbers. I am not thinking about 8 million people. I am thinking about the number. Boom! To short the market. If the market is going to run, and everyone is healthy. Great! I play it that way too. Boom! To long the market. It does not matter to me. I am just a trader. I do not show any emotion when I trade. I look at it. I see it. I execute it. I make my money, and I try to give everybody to do it with me. Just remember! You are alive.

I miss going out, but sometimes you do not know who got this virus out there, and they are trying to touch you, and all sudden, Boom, you are sick. I am sorry. I do not need that, especially for people like you worry about your family. You watch news of somebody that has this virus. You will be thankful who you are. Always remember that! At the same time, you remember that you have gotten a family in Mini community group here that truly understand this market beyond anything you have ever seen in your world. In this case, at this point, I want you to take a good look at the prep work every day. It is almost every day I present a trade idea, that is to give to my family community group. There are the ones that decide what I am worth. Mini Traders are driven. They have the ambition when they come into the Mini community group. This group is not a hobby. This Mini community group is an ability to make money to supplement their income or to pay their bills to provide for their daily living.

I posted the P&L. There are not just numbers. I show you there because all these are actual accuracy of the calls and the calls that I put out are done. I set up the Mini community group is that I do not allow any noise. None! Let’s say, a newbie or a seasoned trader does come into the community group. Putting a comment “You are wrong. That is wrong! I do not see BYND going to 66.”. You know! It is noise. I do not need people like that whether I begin to charge a subscription service fee or continue to provide free service, after which, you pay me for a service. Let me do my service. Do not challenge what I am doing. Allow me to show you what I see because of 9 times out of 10 or 10 out of 10 times. You do not see what I see. You are not in my head. You do not know what I am thinking. How do I see BYND push up to 73 then faded off to 66? You do not see that, but I see it. I see everything, and I keep learning as a day trader to get better and better and better and better. Boom! I have been doing it all the time in my blood.

What I do here in the Mini community group? Every day I pull out the chart, and I am watching the market. I am listening to CNBC News, commentary. I am looking at what is moving. What gapped up what gapped down. I get a feel for the market if the market up 300 points. I will know how to play it. The market limit down, I will know how to plan. The market limits up if the markets are going up 700 points.

I will know how to prepare and so what I do is I start to design a whole plan. What is my plan now? I am not going out to find 1 dollar stock then it is going to move to 10 dollars. That is not what I do. That is not who I am. For me, Mini Traders come in here want to trade stock in the sense of 30 – 40 dollars stock like BYND, and they want like TSLA up 60 points. What do I do? I try to give a beautiful range. The key thing is I have to read it correctly to tell everyone how to play it because I have to know the movement of that stock before it even moves. I want you to see the accuracy of BYND. You know why I get a 100% in the group without any cut loss level. Boom Boom Boom! Here is a short at open from 73 slams down here then 66 here buy. You see that. I knew this move hours ago. Hours! Before the market even opened when it was at 66, I had already made the decision. It took me 20 seconds to evaluate this stock, and tell the everyone it was going to go where and it was going to bottom.

BYND GamePlan
BYND Chart

Now, everyone has a different way of trading. Many people trade with technical analysis – Level in this level and then this level. To me, I am not one of those. I am a day trader, momentum trader. I know the stock better than you could ever know as a technical trader. I will tell you exactly where it is going to stop, where it is going to bottom, and where it is going to rip too. That is the beauty of Stock Trading Interest.

BYND was gapping down to 66 when I started to do prep work based on that gap. I tell everyone the stock going to run to 70 and top off. Near the market opens, BYND shot up 3 points and was still gapping down to 69, I tell the group the top 73 and bottom 66. Ok now. You could be a technical trader you know well to say to me how the theory of the analysis could do this. That is great and maybe you know like I do, but fundamentally all I do is look at the stock range and tell you where it’s going to go. You, as a technical trader, will adapt your technical analysis to it, and you will start lining up. You are a better trader, and I don’t mind if anybody better trading at me. I don’t have an ego when it comes to that. Do I think I am one of the best in the world? Absolutely! But I can make somebody else one of the best in the world, especially a technical trader that could just elevate what I do to another level. That is fabulous. But for me to explain it to traders who do not want to be confused with a bunch of technical languages, just want it a clean-cut call where do they buy it and where do they sell it, where is the top and where is the bottom. That is why I come in. So with BYND, you can short near 73 which would give you 7 points, or you come to long at 66 for the upside. You see it! If I charge for 10 Sing dollars a day, this is what you get in the Min community group. An opportunity to make hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for ten bucks a day. Are you kidding me? This is why I am underpaid in the group. Moreover, it’s a free service in the past years. 

Why BYND? The way I design the idea is simply for you, come in any time during the night and get points. Let’s say 100 shares. One point is 100 dollars. Two points are 200 dollars. What I do is I design the idea so the stock will always in play for points. So if you miss the initial move, or you missed a little movement, or you missed the bottom, or you missed the top. You still have room because the stock will bounce around on the range. In this case, BYND.

BYND Profit
BYND Chart

BYND got a downgrade from Goldman Sachs. Everyone in the Mini community group knows exactly how to handle up a call from Goldman Sachs. Every Mini Traders knows. We are all on the same page because of Goldman Sachs. But I am not going to sit here and tell you for free, but in this particular stock the stock was gapping down from the previous day, so this kind of trading took me years to understand. It is years not months, not days. So now you see me make a call and you like “Wow” that was quick how I know that. BYND is a perfect example. BYND gap down from 73 to 69. I saw it even pull a little more at open. I made the decision to go long the stock if hit 66, and go short the stock if hit 73. The stock will run 73 to 66 or 66 to 73. It will gap fill back up and then sell-off. And then you could short it at least 7 points. This is what I wrote BYND. How do I know that sitting 66 bottom and 73 top? How do I know that? People come in here might be good, but they are not great. There is a difference between greatness and being good. They are very few that are great out there. Let me tell you again as a day trader, especially the one that educates, teaches, mentors, helps and coach. There is a difference between greatness and good. This is the best call from a great trader who understands the market, understands the analyst. Let say you join in the Mini community group, you could short BYND but can long it. I am assuring you, you are going to get paid at the opening bell. Buy a hundred shares at 73 short. Then, 73 again short again for big times, and long 66. You could half quarter done. You pay yourself first. This is day trading. The opportunities like you have never seen before in your life.

So I wrote so much. It is just kind of telling you a little bit about what Stock Trading Interest, Mini Community, Mini Sharing is doing. It is not only going here, long here, short here. No no no! There is so much knowledge behind each of our trade ideas. Why we are doing it, why I picked this stock, and the end result imagines for a second paying for a service that provides you with a minimum of 15 trade ideas a month that is 100% accurate on the calls, maybe you might deem it as 95 to 98 percent. But think about what I am saying no matter what I trade I pick on the list, I can not only make money but being coached, mentored and taught. When you come into the Mini community group, you focus on one or two plays, and that’s it. In this group, you come first. When somebody asked me how many traders are inside my group. One! You only! Always remember that how I build this community group. That is to show I will always treat you the most important person in the group whether you are a newbie or seasoned traders. My job is to help you make money and become comfortable, become happy, and love what you are doing. So you want to be a part of our great Mini Traders. All you have to do is to click here.

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Start trading is not about jumping to the pool. Start trading is walking to the pool little by little. You get use the water and temperature.

Beast Mode ON

Wild animal pic 26

What a day! What a day!

I don’ normally post charts and provide the professional guidance to Mini Traders group for the whole day. I like to get them to prepare when beast mode ON. I want them to take a moment how important understanding a move, a view, an outlook before a move even happens.

My Facebook page made known to everyone about the most relaxed week to trade in the market as everyone aimed for the sign of bottom to take a LONG direction. Go long never go wrong.

Literally, I told everyone in the group look for this and that. I post the charts on what to look for —guidance, entry, exit, live alert, live trade and fantastic trade idea — starting from US Futures, NVDA, APPLE, BTAI, PPD, and many more.

Simple! Close one eye, everyone able to trade on any big name will do. In our group, it’s more Simpler! Long first, then short, and long back on every turning point. 3 rounds of profit in a single stock counter. Take partial profit, take profit at open. Swing it with optional cut loss.

Boom Boom Boom! I make known to them how APPLE move. We took APPLE, long first, short first and long back. As per usual, it’s well scripted. No sudden this and that.

US Futures, we just make one round and another round.

BTAI, good swing trade.

NVDA, we miss the short, but nevermind. We long and profit.

PPD, KNS ran at open because we have too many 100% accurate game plan anyhow shoot also tio. Let it run then.

What I do every day is to be consistent to show you, share many things with you. Bring out of you and make it a reality. The market never takes a day off. Each new day presents the group with guidance, entry, exit and live. S11 never sleeps.

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DOW Surrendered. Get Me Out At Any Cost

Wild animal pic 18

A bruising battle ends a very bloody week. DOW sheds 3600 points in one week.

Many investors are saying this “Get me out at any cost”. Many panic traders are telling this “suddenly sell-off…. suddenly turn loss to profit…..lucky… suddenly turn up…..phew” So many words from them are sudden and sudden and sudden. Roll eyes, isn’t it? 😏 And next, many people are speaking to you “Don’t trade…risky…so many suddens.”

On Sunday before the bloody week, I shared a swing trade idea, DTE, with the trading skills and game plan to the group. Guidance, entry, exit, and cut loss in the step by step. Price was 135. Mini cut loss at 134 only. The next trading day, we all set — Boom Boom Boom. A sudden sell-off…lucky….sudden hit below cut loss….Lucky…suddenly tumble…Phew…

Mini Traders who learn from me certainly know that there is no cut loss, no sudden. If happen there is a cut loss, we are uncertain to the move, but given the high-probability trade setup. Give it a try. For this case, the bloody market never gives us a chance.

Mini Traders had moved into a new home. I continued to share many trade ideas with guidance and coaching. At the beginning of February, we already started to trade many rounds on the Futures market. All are in good money. Not only that, I presented the trade idea to Mini Traders group within 22 days. That was a total of 35 game plans starting from US Futures. Amazing!

GamePlan Feb

Mini Traders have started to trade less towards the end of the month. We don’t want to give back S11 to the market after many rounds of consistency profitable trades. The last trade for the month was TDOC in the group. At 9 pm, I presented to the group with a simple game plan, yet I feel the company stock stupid. Boom Boom Boom! 10 minutes. We all done for the night. Get ready for next month.

I am happy to coach Mini Trader who is newly joining us. He is good after learning a simple technique and then practice live in the stock market. In our cosy new home, I presented a stock-pick TTD in our private message and carried out the interactive session before the market opening. He is ready and gets set. Boom Boom Boom. He makes one round of profit at open. If he wants to, he can make another round.

Tomorrow is March. Our P&L all reset to 0. I am in the beast mode because the market is never presenting ever so muchhh opportunities to make S11 for everyone.

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Mad Money (S11) as Market Attempt to Rebound

Feb26 Cover2

Stocks rose last night as the market tried to find some stability after consecutive days of sharp selling.

Today is my day. No one will get in the way of my dreams, of my growth and my desire to be the very best in my chosen field.


Boom Boom Boom!! I finished 3 trades within 10 minutes. At open, I took long Weibo and Sina. It was done in 2 minutes. Then, I took CRM and finished the trade in 6 minutes.

Remember I said on my Facebook page. Will the market open positive about recovering some? Also, I did point out that the market is giving us opportunities to trade in fast minutes every time.

I read the headlines then I come back to share with Mini Traders group on my fresh~ Top-pick trade ideas. Guess what. I shared 10 ideas to them. These ideas consist of my hand-picked Headlines news, Upgrade and Downgrade calls, as well as Live headline news.

  • BYND – Headline
  • CRM – upgrade
  • REGN – upgrade
  • HD – upgrade
  • BR – upgrade
  • JAZZ – downgrade
  • VNDA – downgrade
  • SDC – downgrade
  • SINA – Live headline
  • WB – Live headline

The best, I shared much much early before market opening. Mini Traders able to prepare their strategy plan. The best and best, Mini Traders are no longer struggle in trading. They often could find a trade without my effort. They always know the reason behind to trade. If I shared the idea, They know how to trade the idea.

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DOW Slide For 4th Straight Days

DOW 500

I asked the group last Saturday, what do you think of the market? Mini Traders told me one word “DOWN”. True enough. It’s down down down down.

The group are capable of making a profit from both directions, Long and Short.

At 7:50am, I shared with the group in the morning early. What do you think of the U.S Futures market? What are you waiting for? Boom Boom Boom! Cheong for an hour. I traded 2 rounds, one morning and one evening.

When I was having my lunch, I read the news and laugh at it. OMG. This must be kidding me. I quickly shared with the group on the trade idea that we are going to trade EVER at night.

So I presented to them the TOP and BOTTOM. What else? I gave them the DIRECTION too, up first then down. The market opens then Boom Boom Boom, down from 45/46, up from 37/38. But I was very pekchek. The platform does not allow to short the company stock. Bo bian, wait for the bottom come then long it. What a dull trade EVER!

What else? SHAK! Another kind. Same Same! I can make 2 round of profit. End up 1 round. The platform cannot do short. Sianz! 

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Dow drops nearly 900 points

US Futures Feb24 Cover

The most valuable thing to remember as a Mini Trader when the market is pulling 700-800-900-1000 points.

It’s solely just another buying opportunity with the guidance found in our Mini Trader group.

Dow900 1

Before the market opens, at 9:23pm, I told Mini Traders what stock to look for. Simply close eyes can also trade with confidence and profitable. No fear at all.

Boom Boom Boom. I traded my favourite Netflix one round and another round. Very fast with 50 units and then 100 units.

I cannot be more precise and clear for the trade idea given to the group.

Daily trade, swing trade, fast trade, and many more. Every day is an opportunity for making S11. It’s incredible!

I made another trade from TTD. Boom Boom Boom! 8 minutes with mini size and 10% gain.

I love to trade alone because no emotion. I also love to give the trade idea to the group to learn and profit from it.

Daily trade ideas

Swing trade ideas

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Keep Profitable on U.S. Stock Futures

people 2605526 1280

The Futures market is an excellent place to brush up the chart reading skills for the trader regardless you are an amateur, intermediate, and professional ones. When you reach a Pro’s Pro level, that is another level beyond anything you could ever imagine.

I started to look into the Futures market and provide Pro’s Pro guidance to the Mini Traders group. All know well the future move to be before the market move. The group kept profitable on their U.S. stock futures trade for a month beginning from 3 February 2020.

When I started to share with the group on the cut loss level, that is the signal that I am cautious for the movement. The loss doesn’t hit us at all. There is just a little too much uncertainty at the moment.

US Futures News

Boom Boom Boom, the U.S. Futures sink over the weekend. To me, it’s fun to trade with that. Within half a day, I took long, short, and long (on-going).

How amazing if you know the simple chart-reading-skills. Generate your trade and profit, self-sufficient, profit while you learn and importantly develop your own mindset.

US Futures Long scaled

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Swing trade ideas

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New Home . Better Trading Experience

Home Sweet Home 3

Last week was an incredible week of trading, although I did not actively trade the market. I continued to share the observation and to provide the guidance on the Futures trade, swing trade and day trade. More and more trading experiences I am sharing with Mini Traders that they have never come across with “live”. Glad to know that they took action to gain S11 after another S11 from the stock market.

There were many companies stock and opportunities in the stock market. Many times we see the confidence to take profit, We simply don’t want and give a miss. For example, TSLA.

I love to trade the stock comes with a challenge. I could learn and learn. For example CYBR

To me, there are too many trade ideas, experience, and skills to share with the Mini Traders group every trading day, despite I was taking a break to make money for myself. Sharing a trading skills and experience for them to have a better trading outcomes. In addition to that, I built a new home for Mini Traders where we can message, share stock idea, and trade together.

Home Sweet Home

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Companies Stock Like My Valentines

Mini Traders Group Party

Time flies. We have stepped into 2020 New Year, followed by Chinese New Year, and upcoming Valentine’s Day. The past one month has been phenomenal for us.

Spot-on well on US Futures. We make many rounds of profits. I gave professional guidance to the group of Mini Traders. Not that they can’t make a profit anywhere else, but the opportunities I presented allows for nearly stress-free trading — Huat Huat Huat.

Since Jan 05, I keep trading in the stock market, guiding the group, presenting trade ideas, giving the alerts, sharing new trading skills to the group of Mini Traders. I finally made a loss last week. And quickly, I made it up a loss. The trading journey is eventful, and it is inevitable to gain countless silly experiences. I was using a powerful strategy to buy ABMD into Earnings 4 days later. I traded it with two times — one win and one loss. Silly me! I didn’t get out before earnings, and hit the cut loss I told the group. Happily, other Mini Traders profit from it.

I presented the trade idea to the group of Mini Traders in the past one month. That was a total of 41 game plans starting from IGMS.

Game Plan Jan Feb

With the same counter, we made one round profit and another round profit, like NFLX, CRWD, and so on.
Some stocks ran too fast at the market open, and we cannot react. We then gave a miss. Most of the companies stock are well-scripted to respond accordingly. Taking action or not, was an entirely individual decision.

Companies stock like my Valentines. Once I finished dating her. Well, thanks for her. I see her tomorrow. I probably date her again, trade her again. Maybe or maybe not. After all, it is pretty lovely knowing her.

For now, I stop trading for a while since my last loss. I am currently preparing for a new home. And then, send the invitation for Mini Traders to come together, find ideas, ask questions and find their own Valentine for better trading outcomes.

I wish everyone having a beautiful Valentine’s Day.

I Loved you yesterday
I Love you still
I Always have ...
I Always will

My day is not complete without thinking of you - Stock Market.
You are my one and only love keep giving S11 gift for us.

Happy Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day – Netflix and The Market are rock


True enough, Netflix did go trend in our favour. I told the Mini Community group on 14 Jan that Goldman buys into Netflix’s earnings. Since then, some Mini Traders swing into earning to make a huge profit. And for me, this was my 3rd times to trade within a week. Profit was made and made again. I do not trade big. Starting from 60, 120 and 90 units respectively. The best skill to trade is to gain massive and show consistent profitability.

Not only Netflix, but also many other stocks and Futures trade. We make the profit one after another. Many of us are into Huat profit Chinese New Year, and coming Valetine’s Day to pamper their loved ones.

Today’s Apple Macbook Pro 16″ and AirPods Pro are free because it’s Valentine’s gift from the stock market.

Every day, every week is certainly to provide the trade idea and to prepare a detailed stock insight for the Mini Traders community group on what the stock is going to do that day and week.

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Valentine's Day

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