One Year Already

I decided to reveal and share my trading journey with the public. It has been for one year since I set up and publish this website in October 2018. To blog every single track record on the website. Always transparent. Things have gone well when I occasionally share my opening positions with people interested in making profit together in the stock market. That’s the definition of Stock Trading Interest to me.

I love to share the joy with someone who has the interest and passion for the same thing as me, especially I have owned a high-income skill-set and a vast experience in sustaining profitable trading in the stock market. I decided to create a Stock Trading Interest community to share my trading experience with members to see my entry and exitAlways transparent. It’s an incredible experience found in my community that the members always not only get better entry and more significant profit than me but get to know my secret recipes and insignificant loss occasionally. Joy is meant to be shared. I love it.

There is a huge difference in trading with your own space and trading with the public. It’s all about the borderline by adjusting my emotion to the point that I get across myself back to track. I am a day trader who has no patience and seldom use charting tool for trading but often profits from getting in, getting out and get paid in a few minutes. Very often, I lazy to trade in the stock market regardless I know well how the stock reacts for the day.

Joy is experienced to be shared. So I decided to provide a sharing session to the amateur traders by sharing my proven trading skills that are sufficient for them become Mini Trader to trade the market and learning to fish on their own to find trades. At the same time, I also created a Mini Trader Community to share my trade ideas with them how the stocks react before the opening bells. Mini Traders owned the skill-set that I shared, and my other members in this community are guided on how to play and what to watch out for. We have been consistently profitable in the stock market from day 1 since I created this community group, and Mini Traders are not only getting profit but get to evolve themselves to the next level. The public sent me the email to ask the charges to attend and join me. I replied them one word, “Free” or “No-charge”. The jovial is tremendous. Sharing is caring.

I always get such a question, “do you practice cut loss?”. I don’t. I never do cut loss for a long time. I know well how the stock move before the move. It moves up or moves down first. It stops at which level, and turning point at which price level. I already know before the opening. Cut loss to me is not necessary unless I want it. The skills that I shared with Mini Traders understand, happy, and eye-open for the cut loss is luxury if it comes. However, cut loss is a need for many other professional traders. We have no such thing IF, OR, BUT, and PREDICT the market. We are another different level.

In the past 1 year, the trading journey together with the people is incredible for me. I have enough sharing and trading in the stock market. I don’t enjoy to make always-green from the stock markets because I don’t see any challenge. I wish Mini Traders quickly get evolve to the next level soon to have your style by exercising every day. Always remember I preach every time the stock is like your girlfriend/boyfriend. I also address the art of scaling every moment no one can nail the top, no one can nail the bottom, but you have to start somewhere.

Spend more time with love ones, make money every day, and love your life. Be humble and celebrate life every day. For me, I want to make some difference. Trade with Care. Huat ah!

Pro’s Pro

I managed to learn from other professionals, whereby……

What a great waste!?! And what a show-off the after-the-fact. 

I make it very clear these, Nasdaq: XLNX and NYSE: URI, on Sunday (22 September) when I shared “secret recipes” with newly-joined Mini Traders, were nothing more than a buying opportunity.

Said from the moment yesterday (23 September) when I shared with my community, I told everyone goes ahead at the specific time. Singapore market will rebound today (24 September). 

What a beauty to ring the opening bell before the move! All these predictions come true. We nailed it perfectly — no effort trade at all.

I am showing off the after-effect. Easier said than done.

I wish Mini Traders don’t learn from me. Learn better from other professionals. They are professionals in trading, coaching, and making calls for you to learn. Mini Traders who attend my sharing session is another different level. Fish your own ideas and help others get better trading outcomes.

True Leader Don’t Create Followers

The idea I shared with my community, it’s tons of the stock picks for them to take their pick. I cannot be more accurate and clear on the movement and react before opening bells. From swing idea at the beginning to short-term trade, day trade, fast scalp, news idea, analyst idea, watch idea, practice idea, and many more.

Once you step into my community from day 1, everything change for you. You see things and understand trades and set-ups more than you could ever imagine.

It’s so~~ fun to see how the market does by my community, and know-how to trade by Mini Traders. Predict, anticipate, and after-the-fact is only for professional use to followers and the public. We are on a different level. We just know, and know only. No GUESS. No AND IF OR BUT.

You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be

Nasdaq Chart

What I did something different last week. I shut off myself to watch other professional traders give the call for their followers. Like this “I’ll be watching…..”, “go within trendlines have to choose a direction if break above, then… if break below, then….”, “watching this out very very closely…”, “I hope it touches this 200MA soon, I watch this closely…”, “That’s the potential support level, I’ll be watching closely…”, “I see if it can touch Fibonacci %%…, then I watch closely”, “do note the market is extremely volatile”, “Those who swing, can consider taking but do take note…”, “Seems it’s likely….”.

Oh my god! I turn off. So you do?

Anyway last week, It’s not only close one eye but more towards relaxing to trade the market and taking good food and other good food, which I haven’t had it for a month. It’s been a great week because of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Relax, and Tuan Yuan (reunion) with love ones.

In the past two weeks, I wrapped up incredible trading and sharing. More and more, I am sharing things that my community and Mini Traders have never seen before. I am trying to share ALL type how to trade in today’s market. Impossible for me to share EVERYTHING, but it’s essential to meet the objective. That is to fish on their own to find trades. I believe every Mini Traders can make the judgment and fish their wealth because they already have the skills and continuously evolve to be their own style.

Together with my community as their trading tool, the sharing is fantastic. Mini Traders never loses. They either win or learn!

Accurately Predict The Markets Consistently


After taking a long break, I started to watch the market and things surrounding me. Sincerely, it’s insulting and laughable in my community to predict the market accurately and consistently. We never make a prediction, forecast, prognostication, or whatever think will happen. We already know the markets move before it moves. Are knowing and predicting different?

Though there was no blog more than a week, I continued to share my idea in my community. At the beginning of this month, I shared an idea, OCBC, and the market view to my community. This first idea of the month was spotted while conducting a sharing session.

Next, I began to make some list of a few hand-picked stock ideas for my community that all can eye for potential opportunities. These lists are also specially designed to assist developing Mini Traders in identifying low risk and action-ready for the setups. If the highlighted setups happen not to trigger the entry during the evening’s session, they could place a price alert. So that when the opportunity does present itself, Mini Traders and the community members will be fully aware of it and ready to execute.

By doing this hand-picked idea, it fits many traders, but not for me. I hardly use the chart to trade the stock market for entry and exit. I already know how the stock reacts before the opening bells. But, I make an effort to find opportunities for my community by looking at the chart, then share the selection for all before opening bells. Leverage my community as a trading tool. Sharing is caring.

I enjoy my rest day, but nowadays I don’t enjoy to make always-green from the stock markets because I don’t see any challenge. I want to make some difference. Thinking…

Pulling The Trigger To Trade But Profit

Target Inc

There are 86400 seconds in a day. There is no shortage of any$$ in this stock market. Indeed, I want to take a good break, but phone beep from trading mobile platform. The advanced order, Target Inc, was filled that I set 5 days ago. This trade was the 4th time I had done. Trigger me to make another trade though. Getting in, getting out, and get paid within 30 minutes.

Hopefully, before I go for a break, the swing ideas I shared with my community allows them to build their positions and get paid too. Of course, I get also paid to swing DJI Futures merely 1 unit.

It’s quite quiet rare, but hopefully, there are more and more Mini Traders able to offload me to see the same trade I see.

Buying Scared Money

TTD Chart

……………………………………… 😒😒😒😒😒

As usual. Indeed, it’s nothing much to say about these trades. I just like buying scared money. It works well the script I shared with my community before opening bells start. Prepare to plan, and plan to prepare.

Bottom line, more savvy traders, like us, can take advantage of the sharp volatility, while the rest have to respect it by waiting out the storm (so they gonna say Perhaps… Possible… Potential…go here to confirm then what and what. Sick! 😒)

Enough to trade this month. No over-trade. We take a break since US markets closed on Monday, Sept 2.

Mini Sharing Opportunities

Earnings Release Date

What is this? Isn’t it full of opportunities in the stock markets? People had done the homework for you. Steady slow! Nice Gem! Easy Trade! Cherry-pick your seat only.

Pick the seat that the team has many votes or the stock name with the highest recommendation by groups, or any other picky way different from others. All these stock picks, each has a style that will surely satisfy most traders’ appetites. Except me, I like getting in, getting out and get paid.

Understand your trading style. Know your appetite. Trade with care. No greed. This Mini sharing able to connect traders for better trading outcomes.

Volatile Market Spooks You?

Before beautiful woman
After beautiful woman

You asked, “What’s going on?” Yeah! What’s going on between you and me?
You said, “On no! Stocks plunged last night.” Yeah! “Thanksgiving?” I asked. Is X’mas coming around the corner?

Uhh! Do you believe it? It’s almost been an early year. Time just flies, but you have to be having fun for the roller-coaster ride. If you are not having any fun, time is prolonged.

I switched on TV at night watching the market up 10 points, 50 points, and 80 points. Ok, it’s a decent up-move, but I am not impressed. 30 minutes later, the markets turned red, down 200 points, 500 points, and 700 points. Beautiful Woman!

In a nutshell, I have my idea and plan for myself, my community, and my blog readers what to do last night before Friday come. We took our profits from the stock market at the opening bell starts, such as Target Inc, Splunk, Salesforce, and many others. Take a break. Bathe and enjoy our Friday’s night, strip off the skirt, or pants. Sleep naked and no disturbing noise! What a night!

I already know the market next move, prepare to plan, and plan to prepare. What’s the challenge when you know the move? We take profit before the market tumble. The stock plunge, we smile all night. The stock never come down more, we TL (feel mad and helpless).

One side, we exit with profit. Another side, we build our positions for the reversal higher. The more it falls, the more we giggling. The more upside, the more we snickering.

ADS Chart
Splunk Chart

I swiped back I shared over 30 stocks in my community merely first 3 weeks of August. We are not only DO WELL but importantly DO OFTEN. Only do often well, allows brush up on your trading skills. All turned out green within minutes if you want to, big green within hours or days if you want to. The more it red, the more we happy. Don’t you know why? Because we know the move behind the move. I am not a home run trader nowadays, and I love to trade without seeing the chart and placing my advanced orders, hit-and-go, and trade S&P 500 Future to cover the commissions. It’s my style, leave it or take it. Mini Traders have their own style when get to evolve then only you get to know your style.

Understand your trading style, use my community as your trading tool, and use me as your next level trading journey begins. What is confidence, boost, motivation, and competition? Nothing to compete, motivate, encourage, and faith. Sharing is caring for yourself and others.

Joke! Another New Girlfriend

TGT Chart

A beauty queen, TARGET, was on news headline. I love so much the way she presented on media. We had an excellent first date as she was kind enough to open up at $98 level instead of $100, which was showing on TV. We went out together for a lovely dinner. I finished my tenderloin with red wine in 40 minutes because I cannot wait for the next show come as I booked a private room in a postal code 105108 area to enjoy our next show. I get everything ready. Too bad. I feel sleepy wanna go home sleep. She scolded me, but nevermind leave it to take it. She is good but is not my cup of tea. I kiss her, hug her, and say to her, “see you again 5 days later”. No promise. Maybe or maybe not because I probably want to visit “C”harmy “G”irl “C”linical by then.

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I occasionally share stocks and indices to friends only. Things have gone well in the past few years. I feel good when sharing enthusiasm and interest in stock trading. With this in mind, I love to share with people interested in learning to trade in the stock market, and they do the same thing by sharing their experience with others after attending my sharing session.

I do not share the chart basics knowledge such as candlesticks, volume.

I only share a proven trading skills with you. They are two different type of skill levels. The professional skill level is how to read chart properly using my way. The next level of trading skill is that you don’t read the chart and fundamental, however, you know the stock market move before the move.

Trading is not always easy. In this community group, we only share the high-probability stock that we will mostly be trading. By sharing, it does become easier.