Beast Mode ON

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What a day! What a day!

I don’ normally post charts and provide the professional guidance to Mini Traders group for the whole day. I like to get them to prepare when beast mode ON. I want them to take a moment how important understanding a move, a view, an outlook before a move even happens.

My Facebook page made known to everyone about the most relaxed week to trade in the market as everyone aimed for the sign of bottom to take a LONG direction. Go long never go wrong.

Literally, I told everyone in the group look for this and that. I post the charts on what to look for —guidance, entry, exit, live alert, live trade and fantastic trade idea — starting from US Futures, NVDA, APPLE, BTAI, PPD, and many more.

Simple! Close one eye, everyone able to trade on any big name will do. In our group, it’s more Simpler! Long first, then short, and long back on every turning point. 3 rounds of profit in a single stock counter. Take partial profit, take profit at open. Swing it with optional cut loss.

Boom Boom Boom! I make known to them how APPLE move. We took APPLE, long first, short first and long back. As per usual, it’s well scripted. No sudden this and that.

US Futures, we just make one round and another round.

BTAI, good swing trade.

NVDA, we miss the short, but nevermind. We long and profit.

PPD, KNS ran at open because we have too many 100% accurate game plan anyhow shoot also tio. Let it run then.

What I do every day is to be consistent to show you, share many things with you. Bring out of you and make it a reality. The market never takes a day off. Each new day presents the group with guidance, entry, exit and live. S11 never sleeps.

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