Argentina Stocks Tumble. So?

Gardens By The Bay

Although many stocks with good set up I shared in the past 2 days, I continued to share other stock picks with my community that I find a momentum play better than watching a day or swing opportunities.

That is because I saw on CNBC the Argentine election surprise triggered their stocks tumble in the US markets. I smile ”OMG” and yet still ”OMG”. OMG as I see the opportunities. Then, OMG again as I do not like to entertain any kinds of stuff, especially relative visit, during the pre-market time. I ”TL” because I do not have chance to re-post the price area when I received an alert on my watch to notify me that pre-market price goes lower than I said. With that, I need to adjust accordingly. Nevertheless, the direction at open is correct. It is only the price area to watch out is different.

Happy to see Mini Traders able to trade with cautious, profit from the stock pick I share and sent me their “cheer” record. Congrats to other traders too if took the trade.

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