Amazing Prep Works with 100% Accuracy

Amazing Prep-Works with 100% Accuracy

No words for how fantastic prep works of the trade ideas presented in the Mini Community group for the month in March and April 2020 despite #stayhomeforSG. I nailed each stock pick perfectly. Mini Traders adopted the knowledge, strategy, skill and guidance to make the profit consistently one after another from all type of stock plays in day trading, swing trading, Futures trading and investment.

The trend is essential. Mini Traders are certainly no fear whenever they miss the turning point or get in too early. Eventually, the profit turns up more within two days or a few hours later. The loss from the stock market probably comes to greedy only. That is subjective to individual Mini Trader. However, Mini Traders know how-to-apply-and-use the trading strategy to overcome the greedy.

These ideas were presented in the Mini Community group. I provide my Prep Work hours before the market even opens. So every Mini Trader has sufficient time to get ready by coming in with different purposes. New Mini Trader will practice while learning. And, seasoned Mini Trader will make a profit while earning more experiences. For the part-time purpose, one randomly pick any 2 plays for making extra income. Regardless of the level you are, Mini Traders meet their goal by making a consistent profit. One day $100. One week $500. One Month $2000 at minimum.

The trend is essential in the stock market. This year, the year 2020, is for Mini Traders to build & grow their wealth and fortune certainly.

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