Accurately Predict The Markets Consistently


After taking a long break, I started to watch the market and things surrounding me. Sincerely, it’s insulting and laughable in my community to predict the market accurately and consistently. We never make a prediction, forecast, prognostication, or whatever think will happen. We already know the markets move before it moves. Are knowing and predicting different?

Though there was no blog more than a week, I continued to share my idea in my community. At the beginning of this month, I shared an idea, OCBC, and the market view to my community. This first idea of the month was spotted while conducting a sharing session.

Next, I began to make some list of a few hand-picked stock ideas for my community that all can eye for potential opportunities. These lists are also specially designed to assist developing Mini Traders in identifying low risk and action-ready for the setups. If the highlighted setups happen not to trigger the entry during the evening’s session, they could place a price alert. So that when the opportunity does present itself, Mini Traders and the community members will be fully aware of it and ready to execute.

By doing this hand-picked idea, it fits many traders, but not for me. I hardly use the chart to trade the stock market for entry and exit. I already know how the stock reacts before the opening bells. But, I make an effort to find opportunities for my community by looking at the chart, then share the selection for all before opening bells. Leverage my community as a trading tool. Sharing is caring.

I enjoy my rest day, but nowadays I don’t enjoy to make always-green from the stock markets because I don’t see any challenge. I want to make some difference. Thinking…

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