February 2020

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DOW Slide For 4th Straight Days. Painful !

I asked the group last Saturday, what do you think of the market? Mini Traders told me one word DOW “DOWN”. True enough. It’s down

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Dow drops nearly 900 points

The most valuable thing to remember as a Mini Trader when DOW market is pulling 700-800-900-1000 points. It’s solely just another buying opportunity with the

Stock Futures
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Keep Profitable (S11) on U.S. Stock Futures

The Stock Futures market is an excellent place to brush up the chart reading skills for the trader regardless you are an amateur, intermediate, and

Home Sweet Home
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New Home 2020 . Better Trading Experience

Last week was an incredible week of trading, although I did not actively trade the market. I continued to share the observation and to provide

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Companies Stock Like My Valentines

Time flies. We have stepped into 2020 New Year, followed by Chinese New Year, and upcoming Valentine’s Day. The past one month has been phenomenal

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Expert Trade Ideas – $BIIB

Bioge Inc (BIIB). Opportunities presented by Stock Trading Interest. I explain the reasoning behind my expert trade ideas. Become a Mini Trader today to discover profitable trades