August 2019

Buying Scared Money

……………………………………… πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ As usual. Indeed, it’s nothing much to say about these trades. I just like buying scared money. It works well the script I

Mini Sharing Opportunities

What is this? Isn’t it full of opportunities in the stock markets? People had done the homework for you. Steady slow! Nice Gem! Easy Trade!

Volatile Market Spooks You?

You asked, “What’s going on?” Yeah! What’s going on between you and me?You said, “On no! Stocks plunged last night.” Yeah! “Thanksgiving?” I asked. Is

Joke! Another New Girlfriend

A beauty queen, TARGET, was on news headline. I love so much the way she presented on media. We had an excellent first date as

Joke! Profits! OMG!

As usual, spot-on well every day. However, it can be a real eye-opener found in my community. Congrats to Mini Traders took the trade. Sharing

Bonus from New Opening Account

What a good bonus. Quickly get it by our Mini Traders. No risk for them as they are capable of trading alone with confidence rather

InvestFair 2019 And Market Perspective

Attending many other trader’s talks in small and large events is my activity in recent months. I beg a trading tool that can complement my

Trade With Hope Or Confidence

While having my breakfast, profit from Sembcorp Industries again within 2 days. It’s my 2nd time to trade the same counter. I told my community

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Expert Trade Idea $BIIB

Expert Trade Ideas – $BIIB

Bioge Inc (BIIB). Opportunities presented by Stock Trading Interest. I explain the reasoning behind my expert trade ideas. Become a Mini Trader today to discover profitable trades