July 2019

One and Only One. Happy July

Intra-Celluar Therapies was a swing trade when I shared to the group last 4 days ago. I entered 5 times with a decent average. And,

Wilmar Slow Intel Confidence with Profit

No effort trade for Wilmar. Need more patience, though. I thought 1-day job I could take a profit last Friday but was only small unrealized

Enjoying Wine and Trading

It was a Friday night. Get the Indices market bought me a bottle of wine from the supermarket. Go home, watch TV, enjoy wine while

Earnings Deluge Versus Market Record High

For the past 3 days, I posted Singapore indoor waterfall every day. Finally, the ship is sinking like raining. Nothing much to say. As usual,

Trading At A Quiet Place

I just felt like doing own trading at a quiet place last night. Profit from Polaris Industries in Buy direction last nightProfit from Coca-Cola in

Profit from STI Community Group

Simply spot on, as usual. More to come. Profit from Indices, Wall Street, before US market openProfit from analyst calls, Micron Tech, Lam Research, KLA

Earnings Game Plan This Week

What is your game plan this week by looking at these earnings release? Those big name Boeing, Tesla, Facebook, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, it is going to

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