March 2019

Ambarella Inc – Mini Profit

Profit from Ambarella. Within 30 minutes. Traded 520 units. Capital deployed $6100 Nowadays, we seldom post our performance and experience. We are busy in focusing

Ambarella Inc – Super Mini Profit

Profit from Ambarella Inc (#NASDAQ). Within 3 minutes. Traded 130 units. Capital deployed $1,500 Ambarella is a semiconductor design company. Mini Watcher knows the timing

DAX Futures – Super Mini Profit

6% profit from Germany Index. Within 30 minutes. Traded 2 units. Capital deployed $1,700 Mini Trader started his KFC dinner (8.46PM) at Novena Square and

Wall Street Futures – Miniature Profit

Profit from Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) Futures. Within 6 hours. Traded 2 units. Capital deployed $3,500 Market looks like moving up. Mini community excited

Dillard Inc – Super Mini Profit

Profit from Dillards Inc (#NYSE). Within 60 minutes. Traded 80 units. Capital deployed $1,600 Dillards is an American department store. At PER of 11x, it’s

Zscaler Inc – Super Mini Profit

Profit from Zscaler Inc (#NASDAQ). Within 1 day. Traded 200 units. Capital deployed $3,000 Zscaler is an information security company. Fundamental earnings improvement news. Mini

Celgene Corp – Mini Profit

Profit from Celgene Corporation (NASDAQ). Within 1 day. Traded 450 units. Capital deployed $5,200 Celgene is an American biotechnology company. Mini Fundamentalist thinks that valuation

Best Buy Co – Mini Profit

Profit from Best Buy Co Inc (NYSE). Within 1 day. Traded 850 units. Capital deployed $7,900Best Buy runs consumer electronics business. The stock gap up

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Expert Trade Idea $BIIB

Expert Trade Ideas – $BIIB

Bioge Inc (BIIB). Opportunities presented by Stock Trading Interest. I explain the reasoning behind my expert trade ideas. Become a Mini Trader today to discover profitable trades