December 2018

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Rest and Relax – Brunch

The market’s wild swing. Miss the opportunity to short the market last night. Nevermind. This turned out to be an amazing week ahead to trade

Wall Street Futures – Mini Profit

Profit from Wall Street Futures. Within 25 minutes. Traded 2 units. Wall Street (DJIA) drops 799 points on 4/12/2018. We think it’s an opportunity. We

Bluebird Bio – Super Mini Profit

Profit from Bluebird Bio (NASDAQ). Within 90 minutes. Traded 60 units. Bluebird Bio is a clinical-stage biotechnology company. The general trend of the stock price

Avista Corp – Super Mini Loss

Loss from Avista Corporation (NYSE). Within 20 minutes. Traded 150 units. Avista gap down at opening. Bloomberg dated 6/12/2018 mentioned that Washington state regulators rejected

US Market Game Plan

DJIA drops 799 points. Opportunity or Stay-Away? – Join our mini community –

RH – Mini Profit

Profit from RH (NYSE). Within 1 hour. Traded 100 units. RH is an American home furnishings company. Financial Times dated 3/12/2018 mentioned the CEO is

Momo Inc – Super Mini Profit

Profit from Momo Inc (NASDAQ). Within 50 minutes. Traded 600 units. Momo is a social search and instant messaging mobile app company. Regardless of what

Global Blood Therapeutics – Mini Profit

Profit from Global Blood Therapeutics (NASDAQ). Within 30 minutes. Traded 150 units. For our mini community who likes fast trades, notify us.

Netflix – Good Profit

Profit from Netflix. Within 3.5 hours. Traded 50 units. Couldn’t sleep last night. Instead of watching Netflix on TV, watch Netflix on NASDAQ. One year

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