October 2018

Costco Wholesale – Miniature Profit

Profit from COSTCO WHOLESALE. Within 1 day. Traded 30 units and 100 units only. In the making of good profit together with mini trader community.

DBS – Mini Profit

Profit from DBS Singapore. Within 1 day (one overnight job). Traded 3,000 units. Felt so good when I just woke up. See awesome profit on

UOL – Super Mini Profit

Profit from UOL. 1 day job. Fully trust my analysis. Win back. 😁☺️😤

IOVA – Miniature Profit

Profit from IOVA again. Within 1 day. Traded 250 units. The stock price did not move much, only managed to make mini Starbucks coffee for

IOVA – Mini Profit

Profit from IOVA. Within 1 hour job. Traded 500 units only. Scalping to recover a losing trade. 😍🤞

UOL – Miniature Loss

Loss from UOL Singapore. Within 15 minutes. Traded 8,000 units. Cut loss fast when detect changes to market conditions 😂😭

Singapore Index Futures – Miniature Profit

Profit from Singapore Index. Within 10 minutes. Traded 10 units. Today’s market is boring. Starbucks meal is covered with $10. No commission fee ☕️🥖✌🏻

Stock Game Plan

Watching Iovance Biotherapeutics for the next trading day on 15 October 2018. Hope someone from somewhere watch together with our mini trader community. Wave me

Direxion Daily S&P – Miniature Profit

Profit from Direxion Daily S&P. Within 20 minutes. Traded 500 units. Can’t help but to take action when I see the stock about to run-up.

On Trend

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