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Does Technical Analysis Really Work?

What is Technical Analysis? Believe it or not, Technical Analysis (TA) has been around dating back to the 1700s. There was a famous Japanese trader who used past price movements to predict future movements. This skill started in Japan using candlesticks to predict the rice market movements. This form of trading didn’t hit the West for quite some time until proven success was found doing it. As mentioned earlier, technical Analysis was used to predict future price movement using previous price movement. That is the same theory behind using it to this day. As I am sure, you have all heard the saying, “History repeats itself.” This quote is right to a certain point. It is a proven fact that

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I occasionally share stocks and indices to friends only. Things have gone well in the past few years. I feel good when sharing enthusiasm and interest in stock trading. With this in mind, I love to share with people interested in learning to trade in the stock market, and they do the same thing by sharing their experience with others after attending my sharing session.

I do not share the chart basics knowledge such as candlesticks, volume.

I only share a proven trading skills with you. They are two different type of skill levels. The professional skill level is how to read chart properly using my way. The next level of trading skill is that you don’t read the chart and fundamental, however, you know the stock market move before the move.

Trading is not always easy. In this community group, we only share the high-probability stock that we will mostly be trading. By sharing, it does become easier.